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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!
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FAX: 86-519-85129611


Add:4/F-6/F, West of No.18 Building, CHANG JIANG PlASTICIZINGMARKET, Xinbei DIST, Changzhou City, Jiang Su Province, China


ACCOR's Story

A new thing established was not optimistic in many cases, Bonwin Technology has just been set up when they have been questioned and supercilious. That was, a noon of summer in 2004, Wang and his customer were eating and chatting, the friend asked: "How many shareholders does your company has?" "Four", Wang replied. The friend said: "So many shareholders, you hold it?" Wang shook his head and said: "I do not control, but more shares." The customer went on to say: "Wang, forgive me, I do not optimistic about your company, because you have too many shareholders, I have known many of shareholding companies like you, the final outcome is gone." Wang said:"I do not think so, on the contrary, I think the joint-stock company is a very good way to cooperate, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of shareholders, and I also believe that our shareholders can cooperate well, you will wait and see!"

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